The benefits of Organizing your life

I believe that an organized life enables one to have more times , less aggravation, better health and a chance to accomplish more. There can be no doubt that getting organized when you are starting at ground zero takes a lot of careful planning , time and energy. It is easy to become overwhelmed, it is common to abandon the cause in mid stream. I know u ask yourself how did I become disorganize and how can I correct it ?

I need to stress the importance of your commitment to the process of getting organized. It continues to be difficult to think clearly to be calm or even to be healthy when the atmosphere in which we live and work is a swirling mass of constant upheaval. We know we need to get organized but fear stop us. Often a lack of simple organization skills accompanies this frozen state. We look around our self-created and we are immobilized.

As we getting grow older , the problems multiply. Well we think now is not the time to get organized. I have to reports due at ,work, diapers to change ,mounds of laundry to tend to,carpool

duties or worst case scenarios , all of these tasks. If you believe as I do, that we come here with a specific set of talents to develop and express , you can see how this unsciousness state of affairs can lead to weariness that affects every aspect of your lives.


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