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Our ultimate goal is to help you create an environment that is at once beautiful to look at complete functional and easy to maintain.We don't want to see the process of getting organized to be a tool in your support arsenal, which might include your spiritual studies , exercise regime, diet, circle of family and friends , even time with a qualified therapist . The world is waiting for the unique contribution you were born to make. Are you ready to create the environment that will support and sustain your best efforts.

Let's get started

The Dream Board

It's time to create a dream board, which is wonderful way of seeing your dreams in a physical, concrete form. It also a terrific reference when you're tired or overwhelm and getting distracted from your organizing goals. Never heard of a dream board ? Don't panic. They are easy and fun to create- a little art project. You comb through magazines looking for images ,words or phrases that represent the things you want in your life and past them on a poster board. On days when your energy is low and you need a mental boosts to start organizing , one look at your dream board will inspire you to carry on to reach your goals. The dream board process can help you pinpoint your ideal space, see beyond the chaos in your home and visual the end result .

The supplies are inexpensive and available from your local art supply store. You want a large piece of poster board (22x28 is standard but free to go a little bigger ) and a glue stick. You also want a stack of magazines that you can happily rip apart and sharp scissors. Why not invite some friends over for a dream board party ? If everyone brings five to ten magazines to share you should have no trouble finding images that speak to you. Besides it's fun to brainstorm ideas and share dreams.


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