How Traveling will change Post Pandemic

The Domestic travel will change more people will travel in the U.S. more than ever now than they ever did before because they have more deals for travelers to take weekend road trips.

Air travel will be more expensive at first they would have flight deals but as less flight options will make air travel more expensive and passengers and flight personnel have to wear mask.

Travel agents make come back because more travelers are looking for the bang for there buck because they know have great deals are coming in the next year.

Shorter cruises will be more in demand because of the loyal fan based with there consumers. The major cruises are reporting high demanding when the country opening back up.

Hotel are focus on local cliental so they focus on local community with deals and packages so they become a tourist in there own city.

Traveling to amusement park will change companies will use artificial intelligence instead of using to limit contact with other people and minimize crowds



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